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Highway System Status Changes [Show Entries]

DateCountry/RegionSystem CodeSystem DescriptionNew Status
2022-12-02(France) Nouvelle-Aquitainefranaqd47Lot-et-Garonne Routes Départementalespreview
2022-11-25(France) Nouvelle-Aquitainefranaqd17Charente-Maritime Routes Départementalespreview
2022-11-05(France) Nouvelle-Aquitainefranaqd33Gironde Routes Départementalespreview
2022-11-02(Australia) TasmaniaaustasbTasmania B Roadsactive
2022-10-30(France) Nouvelle-Aquitainefranaqd40Landes Routes Départementalespreview
2022-10-25(France) Bourgogne-Franche-Comtefrabfcd90Territoire de Belfort Routes Départementalesactive
2022-10-25(France) Grand Estfragesm6aeEurométropole de Strasbourg Routes Métropolitainesactive
2022-10-25(France) Occitaniefraoccm31Toulouse Métropole Routes Métropolitainesactive
2022-10-21Austriaautl4Upper Austria Landesstraßen 1. Ordnungactive
2022-10-21Austriaautl7Tyrol Landesstraßen Lactive

Updates to Highway Data in Active Systems [Show Entries]

DateRegionRouteFile RootDescription
2022-12-08(Canada) QuebecQC 185qc.qc185In St-Honore-de-Temiscuota, route relocated from Route Gerard-Roy north to new freeway segment (extended by 1.3 mi.), between *RteGerRoy_A and *RteGerRoy_B
2022-12-08(Canada) QuebecTCH (Main)qc.tchmaiIn St-Honore-de-Temiscuota, route relocated from Route Gerard-Roy north to new freeway segment (extended by 1.3 mi.), between *RteGerRoy_A and *RteGerRoy_B
2022-12-08(Germany) BavariaSt1171deuby.st1171New Route
2022-12-08(Germany) SaxonyS177ndeusn.s177nNew Route
2022-12-08(Germany) ThuringiaB247deuth.b247Route relocated from through Kallmerode and onto new bypass from L1032 to south of Kallmerode
2022-12-08(USA) IowaIA 17ia.ia017Removed from County Road E41, and T Avenue south of 200th Street, and moved onto new road on S Avenue and 200th Street
2022-12-06(USA) PennsylvaniaPA 902pa.pa902Realigned slightly east between BriSt and PA443 onto new bridge.
2022-12-06TurkeyD965tur.d270Route shortened on the east side in Tutak, between actual D965 and former D965 through Tutak
2022-12-06TurkeyD965tur.d965Route relocated on new alignment between Hamur and Oglaksuyu
2022-12-05(USA) KentuckyKY 6183(NONE)Route deleted
2022-12-05(USA) TennesseeTN 147 (Big Sandy)tn.tn147bigRoute added
2022-12-05(USA) TennesseeTN 325tn.tn325Truncated at west end to Eagles Cove Rd
2022-12-04(USA) ArkansasAR 161 (North Little Rock)ar.ar161jacSouth end truncated from US 70 to AR 440. Renamed to AR 161 (Jacksonville).
2022-12-04(USA) TexasTX 211tx.tx211Extended northward from FM 1957 to FM 471, then over the former Government Canyon segment to TX 16.
2022-12-04(USA) TexasTX 211 (Government Canyon)tx.tx211Deleted, merged into main TX 211 route.
2022-12-02CroatiaA5hrv.a005Route extended at north end from exit 3 (Osijek) to exit 2 (Beli Manastir)
2022-12-02CroatiaE73hrv.e73Route relocated from D2 and D7 through Osijek and onto new motorway A5 from exit 3 to exit 2 and onto D517 northern bypass of Belie Manastir
2022-11-27(Germany) Lower SaxonyL594deuni.l594Route truncated at east end from B82 to dead end in front of B82
2022-11-27(USA) MichiganI-94 BL (Benton Harbor)mi.i094blbenRemoved from closed former routing and onto new roadway slightly to the south between *OldI-94BL and I-94_E
2022-11-27(USA) MichiganUS 31mi.us031Removed from Napier Ave and I-94 between Exit 24 and I-94 Exit 33 and onto new freeway alignment